About Us

Our Story

Froelich Farms is located in Vale, South Dakota. On the prairie overlooking Bear Butte, we raise food in natural and sustainable ways. We honor the land, the animals we raise, and the people who purchase our products.  


The Froelich family has been cultivating crops and raising hogs for generations. In 2011, John and Tere Froelich founded Froelich Farms near Vale, South Dakota. As fourth-generational farmers, our mission is simple: to help nourish more families. We pride ourselves in helping to tackle one of the biggest issues facing our world: food insecurity.

Why Choose Us

100% Natural

We raise food with human health in mind. Our animals are well-cared for, antibiotic-free, and raised in free-range environments. 

Directly From The Farmer

When you purchase food from Froelich Farms, you are receiving the highest quality, local food in the Black Hills region.

Best Quality

We are what we eat, which is why our farm produces the best quality crops and Kurobuta meat. 

Our Team

John Froelich, Jr.

John Froelich, Jr.


Life-long hog farmer and CEO of Froelich Farms.

Tere Froelich

Tere Froelich

Business Manager

Helps make integral decisions and manages operations.

Mandy Froelich

Mandy Froelich

CFO & Marketing

Manages everything finance and marketing-related.

Aaron Froelich

Aaron Froelich

Farmer & Inventor

Takes lead on farm projects and greenhouse design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Froelich Farms?

We operate near Vale, South Dakota. 

Why is Kurubota pork so expensive?

Heritage breeds are specially raised and heralded for their intensely flavorful meat and fat. Conventional farm-raised pigs tend to lack the incredibly tasty fat that heritage breeds have maintained, and which keeps their meat juicy, tender and, yes, expensive. But if you’re a true fan of pork, heritage is worth every succulent bite.

How are your pigs raised?

Our pigs enjoy acres to roam and are the definition of Free Range. They are raised antibiotic- and hormone-free, are fed nutritious crops, and are allowed to graze on dozens of acres of barley and alfalfa. 

Do you grow organic food?

While we strive to cultivate food pesticide-free, we are not yet certified organic. The process is lengthy and expensive, but we are pursuing this milestone. 

Do you offer deliveries?

Yes. Orders that are received through the website can be delivered locally or shipped via insulated box and dry ice. We have perfected our method to ensure our quality products reach your home in the same condition they are shipped. 

What if I am unsatisfied?

While all sales are final, if you are unsatisfied by the quality of the product, please contact us at info@froelichfarms.com and we will be in touch to discuss a refund or credit. Our #1 goal is to take care of our customers.